Saturday, December 25, 2010

Special Maya

Her name is Maya.

and she is a Ballpen.

I got her from my friend who is a Pediatrician in our town.

RMT.MD.DPPS graduate of UST and she has one child.

I've been very close to that her because of my branded products of course.hihi

She is very kind and very accommodating unlike others "deadma".

And since magkababayan kami she helped me a lot to hit my target quota.

Before she was using the products of my mortal competitor Glaxosmithkline.

Yes GSK will be forever my competitor until the end! Our nemesis. lol

But when I came no questions ask, she immediately which to my brand hihi! Ganda lang ang labanan kahit na literal na mas maganda ung rep ng glaxo saken hihi.

I can say that she is one of the TOP and BEST Pediatrician in our town with more or less 20 patients per day.

This is the second gift that i received this year and for me this is super special.

I will certainly miss you Dra. drama hihi

Adieu for now.


  1. Zeb oo nga hihi! Doctor si Maya wala na kasi pang nurse eh naipamigay na dw niya :)